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Stress = Illness

My work focus’s on different aspects of mind, awareness, and metaphysics. Many clients come to me, in their search for a better understanding of issues in their life or in search of peace of mind to resolve their pain and heal illness.

Stress in its many forms weakens our energy field and ultimately leads to illness […]

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Abundance Is The Nature Of Our World

We feel lack and corruption all around us as we are absorbed in a world which seems to be controlled by power and greed. It will probably become much worse during the 2016 Elections. It is important for each of us to look around and focus on the natural abundance which surrounds us in many […]

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Buying A Piece Of Yourself

Buying A Piece Of Yourself

We are here in this lifetime, to learn ourselves. Our dreams, interests and reverie tell us a great deal of information about ourselves, but at some level these are only clues. When we visit a psychic, medium, hypnotherapist, psychologist and psychiatrist, we are actually doing is “buying a piece of ourselves” […]

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When we are “dead tired” and need sleep, somehow we realize we need to “recharge our batteries!” Why then don’t we understand that our brain is a human battery. We need to restore ourselves. When we fall into a sleep mode many  individuals awaken far from rested, hardly anxious to start […]

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Dream Travels

Dream Travels

Dreams are interesting experiences. Medical professionals, as well as spiritual professionals, pay attention to dream content and expression. From one profession to another there is a common understanding about what some dream experiences express. While these standards will vary from profession to profession, there is a general understanding that prevails. Having done dream analysis […]

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Are you wasting most of your sleeps healing energy each night?

Many individuals awake tired instead of refreshed each morning. Very often all we want to do is roll over and go back to sleep. Sound familiar? Is stress stopping the magical healing for your cells during sleep time? Is stress preventing you from getting magical answers to your to most important life’s challenges? These days things […]

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When Everything Goes Wrong … Gremlins Really?

When I was a girl, I remember when everything went wrong, crazy and nothing seemed to work right. Someone would usually comment, “we have gremlins”. We I knew then these so called gremlins weren’t evil, they were just mischievous. They seemed to be quite different from the goblins my mother sometimes read about. Even today, […]

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Orb Photos And Awareness

As a professional Hypnotherapist, Psychic and Medium questions about unusual or unexplained experiences is commonplace in my business day. It seems recently I am getting frequent questions about the appearance of orbs in photos. This particular phenomenon seems to be increasing, as orbs appear more and more in an otherwise perfect picture. […]

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Soul Mate OR Soul Trauma?

As a professional Medium, Psychic & Hypnotherapist I am often asked about soul mates, deceased loved ones and “past” lives. As I’ve worked with client’s over the past 20 years on individual issues I’ve learned the information on soul mates is easily available. Often these three areas are intertwined and the explanation is complicated. […]

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Babies And Things That Go Bump In The Night!

Fussy babies not only can create a miserable experience, it is likely they are having a miserable experience. Historic believes and much of my research point to one possible culprit is due in part to a spirit attachment picked up in a hospital at birth. Many cultures believe it is best to keep newborn […]

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