With the current political climate, we are being told to believe the candidates as they explain their thinking and political positions. Much of what is being said is only temporarily “true”. Campaign promises are something we are all familiar, yet we continue to evaluate candidates on information which is invalid or untrue. All of our […]

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I am often presented with client problems when a client is in a shattered state.  My “go to person”,  is a kind friend who is a constructive and intelligent thinker.  I believe when emotional circumstances are devastating, it is best to switch brain function to thinking mode to get to a calm and reasonable place.  […]

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As human beings we respond dramatically to the moments of Birth and Death. With birth we experience joy and happiness at many levels of our awareness, conscious, subconscious, and even higher conscious. With death there is a sense of loss and sadness. It is experiencing and remembering these moment(s) that cause us pain and remorse, […]

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Our Inner Vision

Our Inner Vision
While we have a NOW awareness, most of us live only partially in the now minute. Our mind/brain is constantly triggering recall of our current past life experiences. And, at times, our recall is mysteriously of other times and places, which we rarely recognize, but do see briefly. We remember the past constantly. […]

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Past Lives Affect the Now

Silently and dramatically Past Life experiences affect each of our lives constantly.. Fears, traumas, relationships good and difficult impact us. Things we have learned or experienced before can help or affect us negatively..  I believe Aristotle said: ” We learn because we remember.”  So it is also true we fear because we remember.  While we […]

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Change of Energy: Year of the Monkey.

Change of Energy: Year of the Monkey.
On February 8th, 2016 we enter the Year of the Monkey, this year is also a 9 year. So it will be a very interesting and surprising year, but also one of many conclusions. You should look at your hopes and dreams and consider more dynamically how you can […]

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New Year. New You!

New Year. New You!

Three things which are important in managing improvement in your life.

Brain Function
Everything is Energy
Cell Memory

To change and improve your life you need the certain information. To accomplish changes it is important to bring your conscious mind and subconscious mind to the same reality. This is easier with Hypnosis, Self–Hypnosis, or Meditative Techniques.

It […]

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Stress = Illness

My work focus’s on different aspects of mind, awareness, and metaphysics. Many clients come to me, in their search for a better understanding of issues in their life or in search of peace of mind to resolve their pain and heal illness.

Stress in its many forms weakens our energy field and ultimately leads to illness […]

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Abundance Is The Nature Of Our World

We feel lack and corruption all around us as we are absorbed in a world which seems to be controlled by power and greed. It will probably become much worse during the 2016 Elections. It is important for each of us to look around and focus on the natural abundance which surrounds us in many […]

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Buying A Piece Of Yourself

Buying A Piece Of Yourself

We are here in this lifetime, to learn ourselves. Our dreams, interests and reverie tell us a great deal of information about ourselves, but at some level these are only clues. When we visit a psychic, medium, hypnotherapist, psychologist and psychiatrist, we are actually doing is “buying a piece of ourselves” […]

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