Survivor Guilt

So often my clients who are interested in Medium work, do so because there is a worry about their Loved One. This can be a terrible thing. Most Mediums work very hard to comfort people and alleviate the sense of loss or guilt. This can go on for years and years with people. Usually clients […]

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Who are you? ANSWER: ask your brain. There is no other way to get your answer. As I work with a number of issues dealing with the “wholeness of one’s being”, medium, hypnotherapist, psychic, even shaman, it is obvious that our brain is major computer manager in our current lives and reality. Each brain has […]

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What Does Your Cell Phone Have To Do With Your New Year’s Resolutions?

It is easy to create the life you chose using your cell phone to help.  For many years I have taught private clients to Attract and Magnetize.  Jesus tells us the very same thing….”As A Man Thinkith”

Why not take advantage while driving to and from work, when you have a minute or two during the […]

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New Year: New Angels and Great Opportunity

Speaking with one of my closest friends and fellow Light workers, we see that many new Angels are being sent to help us at this time, even a new Archangel, or new to us in this star system. He is about helping children to process the tremendous change of energies that is happening on the […]

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Fiesta Bowl/Super ~ Bowl Welcome to Arizona

This is an exciting time of year for many people, new beginnings, sporting events, traveling to great places. Many people will be traveling to Arizona this year as we have two great Bowl games, The Fiesta Bowl and The Super Bowl. There is a lot of things to see and do here in our beautiful […]

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Past Lives Are Accessed Through Our Dreams

Most people have a very limited idea about Past Lives and how we interact almost daily with other lives. It is my view at this time most of us actually spend 15 to 20 percent of out lives in a different dimension than our conscious world awareness. When I do hypnosis, dream analysis, medium sessions, […]

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