With the current political climate, we are being told to believe the candidates as they explain their thinking and political positions. Much of what is being said is only temporarily “true”. Campaign promises are something we are all familiar, yet we continue to evaluate candidates on information which is invalid or untrue. All of our senses are are active. Some time back we were in the middle of a Presidential Election. I had always voted a certain party and knew what I intended to do on Election Day. I decided for some reason to tape a Presidential debate and listen to it for the first time with no sound. So I was focused in a very different way. At the end of the recording replayed it. My awareness was open and I changed my views entirely.

All of our senses are operating all the time, usually, we are only able to perceive part of our intake with different senses. We will only intake 7 % of our information verbally. It is important to give ourselves a chance to evaluate the truth using all of our senses. It has never been more important to have a fresh perspective and make good decisions. If, like most of us, you are hearing what you want to hear, it is probably time to think more clearly and objectively. Try reevaluating your political decisions objectively, your future and your country need objective thoughtful decisions.

This illustrates easily a technique for clarifying many issues of our lives. When emotions “get in the way” we lose objectiveness and tend to make emotional decisions which are not necessarily beneficial. Political information may be helpful with political decisions, but this technique is in a more vital way, how to objectively deal with many issues of our problems.

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