While some people pay a great deal of attention to their dreams, many people don’t remember their dreams or think they even dreams.  Yet we spend a third of our lives sleeping, lack of sleep and disconnection with our sleep and dreams is a serious matter.  We cannot restore ourselves without sleep, and possibly we cannot utilize our connection to Higher sources without dreams, prayers or meditation.  It is easy to pray, talk to God, Angels and others, but how can we listen intelligently? Perhaps, connecting more consciously with our Higher Self is more important than we realize.

Many people have strong dream awareness. It appears to me that these are people with more awareness and even psychic ability.  At some level we are all psychic, the difference is mainly in our understanding of this information.  For many people they relate this ability to street smarts or job experience or even just being smart.  I think that police officers, especially detectives are some of the most aware people. I would also include, nurses, doctors, scientists and sales people. Surprisingly some of the most aware people I have spoken with are morticians.   We know from scientific evidence that we only actually use a small portion of our brain.  Is this true?   Imagine a computer that stays on all the time.  Even if we are not using the computer it continues to function in many ways without our effort.  Emails, upgrades and many things are going on continually, some of which we will never know or comprehend.  We, our brain and body are like our computers in some way.  They work even though we are asleep or not paying attention.

I am working and researching this connection relation to healing and managing some life issues more effectively.  Almost a year of down time surgery and rehab have given me a lot to think about and I am reworking my scripts and sessions.  I am looking forward to reconnecting with my many wonderful clients.  Expanding personal conscious awareness is a goal for myself and those I work with.

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I am rewriting most of my important scripts to a more expanded format, which is more of a prayer format and still includes hypnosis or guided imagery script.  This will enable clients to progress faster and work more on their own after initial sessions or in between programmed sessions.