This morning is fresh and clean, new organization, new starts and new snow. After spending most of last year in the hospital or in rehab, my life begins anew. Refocusing on my life purpose personally and professionally. For me, as I have always made a serious effort to create new and positive awareness as the core of my life and business. Shakespeare was speaking wisely when he spoke of knowing ones self. This is a very complicated issue as it is so easy to get trapped in one’s own fears, worries and old programming.

“New” minutes are gifts with which we can learn to accept, value and reprogram this time in our lives. Often we lose these minutes because it is often difficult to let go of the old. Learning to understand what the “old” focus actually is about is the beginning We can then start to release this trapped energy. Old, difficult and negative energy is often passed down to us from our parents as well as our own negative experiences. It is also important to understand that the Oriental idea of our ancestors influencing us in living our lives is a part of many belief systems. I find a great deal of value and truth in this concept. Looking carefully at this concept I find that Hawaiian releasement of ancestral energy Ho’opono opono can clear our personal energy from generations before us, and then we continue with our parents programming and our own negative experiences. Our lives are programmed by our mind reacting to our experiences. We can change this and have new hope and a vision of a better life experience when we clear issues that have been passed down for many generations.

With this purpose in mind I am reviewing and rewriting my most important scripts to a format that is more inclusive of this concept. We know there are only four brain states, Alpha, Beta, Theta and Delta, however we are constantly using our brain in various combinations of these brain states. Like our computer we are always ON even if we are not making conscious choices. Our subconscious mind is immense, and easily mobile. It is often difficult at to focus on conscious choices. Hypnosis can be very effective because it temporarily brings conscious awareness and subconscious mind to the same place to create a desired and focused outcome. This means instead of going different directions at nearly the same time we can focus and direct our energy consciously in a desired direction. Prayer, meditation and dreams also operate in a varied combinations of brain states, Alpha, Theta and Delta, yet while we can often use these modes we can only listen, in hypnosis we can easily interact.

Effective releasement of negative energy and energy patterns is a way we can let go of the “old” and create a new vision and path for our lives.

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