Because of the years of experience that I have in channeling work, I have developed information and skills that I can teach to people who are working on their own personal spiritual growth. People want the Channeling Seminar and the experience of learning how to acquire meaningful information on their own.



NOTE: Families/Group Discounts Available – Must Taken Together At The Same Time To Qualify. Please Ask.

The Medium Within – Level One – Develop Natural Ability With Hypnosis & Instructive Class
2-2 &½ Hours $180 Per Person

Past Live Hypnosis – Past Life Chart. Possible Aura & Dream Connection Experience.
2-2 &½ Hours/$180 First Person

Sleep With The Angels Hypnosis – Pre-Program Restorative Sleep Includes Angels, Color Healing, & Releasement. Instruction In Self-Hypnosis
2-2 &½ Hours/$180 First Person

Five Gates Of Knowledge – Teaches Tarot, In Connection With Numerology, Oriental Astrology Includes 3 Charts.
2-2 &½ Hours/$180 First Person

Color Healing Hypnosis – Self-Hypnosis Healing Personalized With Color Healing. Personalized Script And Certification – Universal Healing, Also Especially Helpful For Challenged Brain Capacities, Older People & Special Ed Students
2-2 &½ Hours/$180 First Person

Seminar: Channeling – Two People Required Class.  Limited Hypnosis Training & Channeling Class. Certification.
Six To Seven Hour/Class $750 Per Person
One Day Can Be Taken Over Two Days