I want to tell you how very much we all enjoyed our readings, and we do feel we’ve learned things about ourselves that we needed to know (even though we already knew this!) My sister said that hers was also most informative and she’s glad to know that she has so much guidance around her.

I am also writing to tell you what happened. We had our readings on Saturday, if you’ll remember. Patrick & his mom’s readings were on Saturday morning and Karen and I had ours on Saturday night after our Reiki class. Among the many things you told us, you told Patrick that he’s an organizer; you told his mom that she should be painting; you told Karen that she must work with the Gulf coast and that she could send Reiki to a map of the coast and you told me that I might support Patrick by writing letters to Holland asking them to come to Louisiana to help with the water situation.

On Sunday night, we were all 4 sitting in our rental home in Sedona, just talking There were some bookcases in the living room with cabinets at the bottom. Karen said, “Let’s see what’s in these lower cabinets.” She opened one door and there were slots for record albums, each one with a letter of the alphabet above it, and we all said, “These people were organized!” She then opened another door and there were a bunch of large, rolled-up papers. The very first one she removed was a map of the Gulf coast, and we all looked at her and said how weird that was and how appropriate for her. After looking at the coast and talking about what you had said, she pulled out another paper. Darlynn, we were all blown away when it turned out to be a large picture of w:st=”on”Amsterdam!! We just sat there, amazed at the way our guides must have been working! Finally, Karen opened a fourth door and there was an unframed painting. She just pulled it out and said, “Someone is supposed to be painting!” And there was very little else in the cabinets. I looked at Patrick and said, “What about you?” and he replied, “Weren’t you paying attention when everyone commented on how organized the owners were with their record album collection?” All we could do was sit there in awe and amazement.


— Janis & Patrick, Louisiana