There is a wonderful book with this title. I have several books by Dan Millman. He a most thought provoking author. His “PEACEFUL WARRIOR” is excellent.

This naturally brings up the questions so many clients ask me. Things that they have considered for some time.

Why am I here?”

What am I supposed to do in this life?”

These are several of the questions I like best. They tell me a great deal about a person. This person is thoughtful and in their own way spiritual. I can usually only answer these questions in a limited way. Life is much more complex than we can imagine and entails many issues. Usually my answers are brief, direct, and true as far as I can ascertain. While they often barely scratch the surface the answer, is hopefully, a direction and an opportunity for personal growth.

Sometimes when I am trying to figure out something on my computer or just wandering around looking at all its files and the things can it do, I understand our lives and mind/brain actually is a computer incredibly more complex than any computer system anywhere.

Things to think about:

Who are the people I have appointments with this life?

What are the lessons I need to learn?

There are other issues too. What can we do to deal with these situations thoughtfully? Try asking these questions as you go to sleep at night. Be sure to ask for the answers too. The responses aren’t always immediate or even easily recognizable in the beginning, but answers are on their way to your conscious awareness.

Personal readings often help people get a better focus on their lives and revise impossible expectations. Our lives are very complex and often seriously codified.

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