As human beings we respond dramatically to the moments of Birth and Death. With birth we experience joy and happiness at many levels of our awareness, conscious, subconscious, and even higher conscious. With death there is a sense of loss and sadness. It is experiencing and remembering these moment(s) that cause us pain and remorse, often for a very long time, even daily.

Through years of channeling and medium work, I have learned a great deal about the actual death experience. When trying to comfort someone on these occasions we rarely know what to say. Yesterday, I had an opportunity to speak to someone in their immediate grief. As a psychic medium, I often have an opportunity, through expanded awareness, to “see” the moments of release. When my mother passed, I was caring for her and experienced the process with “sight” and my own sense of loss. Yesterday as I was able to view this process as I sense the patient experienced it. Then I was able to comfort my friend in a meaningful way, telling her of my vision of the final life moments of her family member.

Without disclosing private information, here this is what I was able to “see.” I experienced the patients remorse at leaving and her feelings of being unable to accomplish the things she had wanted for her life. Then as a male family member stepped forward to take her to the Light, the remorse lessened and a “lightness” began to fill her awareness, as she “lifted up” into the Light these emotions turned into feelings of peace and some joy. I was able to convey this comforting picture of her transitional experience to my friend, modestly pleased, that these images did help her begin to process her sense of loss and grief.

In the movie CITY OF ANGELS Nicolas Cage portrays an Angel taking a little girl to the Light. I have seen this movie many times and referenced it in my Doctors thesis. However, in all my work with the dying process it is always a loved family member who comes for the dying person. One exception was when I couldn’t find anybody who had been lovingly attached to a little boy. After some searching I was finally able to bring his dog. Amazing, the attachment to our pets is awesome and appears to transcend dimensional experience. *Note. My Facebook page Sedona Hope has a auric photo of a version of a type of death experience.

Those who don’t, go to the Light, are often fixed in the trauma of their death and remain here in their pain without a physical body of their own. This is primarily what a ghost or an attachment is doing, remaining in their difficulty. This is an important part of my work, it is called Spirit Releasement. I always call for Angelic help in this process. I have worked on Spirit Releasement with clients all over the world for almost twenty years. This is a simple procedure, effectively transforming a persons daily life in a meaningful way.

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