The NDE (Near Death Experience) Tunnel
As a hypnotherapist and a Medium, I have had clients who wanted to revisit their “Near Death Experience”. It is such a fascinating experience to me that I wrote, and recently finished a screenplay about this dimensional tunnel called, BEYOND THE BEYOND NDE. As I wrote the last scene, I was unhappy because it just didn’t feel “right”. It was late and I went to bed only to have a very different version of the last scene played out for me while still awake. With an ending that I had never imaged.
Information is being given to us in many ways as our awareness and reality grows and matures. We are currently experiencing an increasing of awareness on the planet about death, the Light, Heaven and even Hell. Something all of us think about throughout our lives. So many people we are connected to are dying and we all have unanswered questions about many involved experiences.
As a Medium, I can usually find those answers. Clients who come to me frequently have sad questions about things that were never settled with their Loved Ones and families while they were still alive. Often I can easily access that information and help people find peaceful and kind resolutions to wounds that just don’t heal. LOVE NEVER DIES
Our Loved Ones wish for us to know the things we have questions about. For some reason recent focus is more and more on meaningful answers and peaceful resolution. Our lives and relationships are meaningful and very Karmic. So many relationships have loose ends. It is important to find those questions and the true answers that ease our mind and give peace to our troubled and worried hearts.
It is also very important to note that While Love Never Dies, the same is true of any emotion, so neither does Hate, Anger, or revenge. These issues must be resolved for those living and dead. It is often important and usually easy to resolve these types of issues as that is one of the reasons our Loved Ones are visiting us…..AND they are visiting.
Rev. Dr. Darlynn Bowman PhD CMHt