Is it a dust particle or energy that can not be detected by the human eye. Is it what the dogs suddenly start barking at when there is absolutely nothing around? Are they seeing those floating Orbs? Or, is the spots due to faulty cell phone or camera equipment?.I don’t think so!  My experience with aura photography over the years leads me to believe those Orbs appearing as floating round annoyances on our photos are not dust or a result of bad equipment.

Recently a dear friend Sandy Mayberry showed me her heart shaped Orb she captured in a photo. Sandy noticed these round floating spots for many years while photographing family, friends and places. One night she went out in her yard specifically to take pictures, it was dark, and she asked; “Is anybody here?” Then she got one of the most fantastic photos I have ever seen of an Orb…a heart shaped Orb. I loved that image so much Sandy was kind enough to let me add it to the home page of my website. It seems that capturing Orbs has increased with the advancement of the digital camera. Although we can find an Orb in an old photo, it is rare.

Years ago I was fascinated with the Kirlian photography and later with Aura photography, both have been around for a long time. Similar to the Kirlian camera Orbs are often connected with metaphysical explanations, ghosts, fairies, Angels all connected to metaphysics. Actually, pictures of ghosts do exist, but scientific ideas seem to downplay all of this information as unscientific, weird and hokey.

In 1939 Semyon Kirlian invented the Kirlian camera. The first of its kind specifically meant to photograph the human energy field.  The human energy field can be measured at up to 70 feet above a persons head (the Aura).  The Phantom Leaf theory is a Kirlian photo that shows a leaf with part of it missing but in the photo, the missing part is also in the photo in a less dense form…the physical part of the leaf is missing but the energy imprint of the leaf is still there.

When Aura photography became popular, and auras could be photographed at will and explanations of “glowing areas” as spirits, the whole concept sort of fell into this metaphysical hole which real scientists disavowed completely. Scientists, who have spent a great deal of time debunking the photographing of energy, are now actively involved in pursuing this in a more open minded manner and amazing discoveries are advancing science to a more aware state of mind. As we reached a time when digital photography and cell phones came into common usage, it becomes clear that spirits of some type, are dimensionally available to us and are in some form real. Some of these “spirits” which appear to be sentient beings who can communicate in some form and seem to have a directed purpose. While not seen with normal vision the Orbs show up in photos. They may be otherworldly.

As a naturally born medium, born into a family heritage of mediums, it is sometimes possible for me to see and connect with those on “the other side”. There are a number of mediums who are well known, especially James Van Praagh gaining a more respected place in society. Stories of unseen realities and their inhabitants are part of every culture, tales of angels, ghosts and fairies appear in fiction, but there are many people who personally experience this in some form or a personal situation. People interact with the dimensional ways in a sort of awareness that can happen with meditation, reverie, outside of dreams, prayers, even song and dance. There are many many experiences of dreams when people have experienced visitations or awareness of beings not physically alive at the time, and possibly with some entities who have never been human, like Spirits and Angels. Yet most everyone believes in Angels, if not spirits or ghosts. When we tie this to a belief it becomes more of an issue, but it’s pretty hard to disbelieve a photo. How can one deny the experiences of thousands of people who are finding Orbs in photos?

This is a complex issue which involves belief systems, phenomena, scientific discovery and the different state of awareness and reality that each of us has, deeply rooted, and for some, sometimes investigative, curious or interesting.

In a recent channeling session, I was asking questions about Orbs and my answers were surprising.

  • What do you have to say to us?

We are just here, we don’t have anything to say.

  • Are you here because we are in the Ascension?


As time allows I will be working to learn more answers about Orbs during my medium sessions. If you have a question you would like answered about Orbs please email it me or post it on my FB page.

I could go on, but with so many Orbs appearing in photos searching for answers will only give us a glimpse of what appears to be an unimagined reality or realm. God’s hand must be a part of this and, I always want to know more about God’s reality. Please contact me or comment.

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