It is easy to create the life you chose using your cell phone to help.  For many years I have taught private clients to Attract and Magnetize.  Jesus tells us the very same thing….”As A Man Thinkith”

Why not take advantage while driving to and from work, when you have a minute or two during the day to listen to a short 90 second audio that activiates both sides of your brain and broadcasts to the universe exactly what you want. Every client I work with receives a customized 90 second audio that can be downloaded to your cell phone and played multiple times during the day….while driving…meditating…falling asleep…working out…whenever you have a minute or two.

As a CMHt Certified Master Hypnotherapist I write dozens of scripts. The 90 second scripts are actually more difficult than the longer ones, as they have to be correct and dynamic. Put your most important resolutions on your cell phone and play them at will with hypnosis or subliminal impact, refocusing on the most important things you want or need to improve immediately. Call or email me to schedule a personal consultation. Make 2015 the year you achieve your resolutions.


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