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Dr. Darlynn Bowman is a full time spiritual medium, psychic and healer. A specialist in grief counseling, spirit releasement, past life regression, hypnosis and energy healing. Using her natural psychic abilities Dr. Bowman instills hope to her clients with heart centered readings that are generated without judgement.


I was able to visit Sedona and finally meet Darlynn in person. She guided me through 2 past life regressions during that trip. I would urge anyone who is in contact with Darlynn to experience this type of  healing and exploration.  Through past life regression I was able to  see the origin of some of my painful issues.  I was able to see there were strengths and gifts I could pull from the past to use as tools in this life. Kellybelle/CA

Darlynn, thank you for working with out 5 year old daughter, who has experienced night terrors from an early age.  Your work in releasing  and freeing her from these issue, means no more sleepless nights for any of us.  I only wish I had found you sooner.    

— Melanie O. Prescott, AZ  Full article on Testimonial Page

I worked with Darlynn for 6 years, in most of her areas of expertise. My life has been in a continual growth pattern since we began working together. I have discovered many things about myself, my world, the structure of the Spirit world, in the experiences I have had personally. I would recommend here highly for a number of reasons, she is intelligent, wise, knowledgeable and warm. There is probably more, but this is enough for most people to understand, that they would be working with a professional and sincere person.

— Elsie R. FL.


I just found your blog on Yahoo and am I very happily suprised. This is a really good site with good information about psychics which lots of use will find really helpfull. However, do you feel we are all psychics, or is it only a few highly sensitive souls that have the talent?

— Karren Pipilas

Having done a search for psychic mediums on Bing I came across your blog, and am I glad I did. I am impressed with the amount of info I have obtained here, and I am certain that this will be not merely helpful to me but to others as well. I have added you to my list of preferred blogs and will be back on a regular basis.

— Miguelina Schrimsher