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Remembering Great Clients

I have always been a psychic. My great grandmother Olive Cross Wiley was a medium so I guess it’s in my DNA. Having ability in this area I realized at an early age that hypnosis would be a great complement to this kind of awareness. 

After I finished Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy training classes with The American Academy Of […]

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The Life You Were Meant To Live?

The Life You Were Meant To Live?

Hypnosis is an ancient art and practical skill, which can easily help with many
personal behavior issues and habits. Releasing or modifying areas of desired change
without a lot of money, time and complications. Today’s world allows us to use
hypnotherapy in a scientific, even medical, way with professional hypnotherapists, who are
healers, […]

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As amazing developments and changing awareness opens up to us “in this day and age” only partly due to scientific development. We begin to understand that we are just not on top of things”. It becomes clear that maybe with all the information, data and knowledge being thrown at us we need to organize something a little […]

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It is interesting to imagine why GOD gave humans the ability to sleep to restore their energy and gave us dreams to access our higher mind or even a higher power so easily in dreams. Yet in today’s busy, even hectic world many of us are unable to understand the usefulness of their dreams. Most […]

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The Wasted Dream

Any discussion about dreams can be long and complicated. Dreams themselves are not long and actually not complicated. Dreams are guides and short illustrations of something that is important for each of us individually. Why would GOD, when he designed our world and our bodies, create anything that would waste such a serious part of […]

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New Beginnings In Visioning

This morning is fresh and clean, new organization, new starts and new snow. After spending most of last year in the hospital or in rehab, my life begins anew. Refocusing on my life purpose personally and professionally. For me, as I have always made a serious effort to create new and positive awareness as the […]

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Is A Dream A Window?

While some people pay a great deal of attention to their dreams, many people don’t remember their dreams or think they even dreams.  Yet we spend a third of our lives sleeping, lack of sleep and disconnection with our sleep and dreams is a serious matter.  We cannot restore ourselves without sleep, and possibly we […]

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The Sins Of The Fathers

Some Biblical information is coded. One of the most important references I have found is this,

The Sins of the Father are visited on the Sons. This information is important to many of us as it is possible to free oneself of negative energy with some types of prayer and releasement. When problems seem to abound […]

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Unfocused Or Maybe Time To Change?

There is an old saying.
If you always do what you have always done
You will always have what you always had!
This is only partly true, after a certain age
A little help can go a long way with brain function and body energy.
It is an individual issue. Changing your life has to do with managing brain and body […]

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The NDE (Near Death Experience) Tunnel

The NDE (Near Death Experience) Tunnel

As a hypnotherapist and a Medium, I have had clients who wanted to revisit their “Near Death Experience”. It is such a fascinating experience to me that I wrote, and recently finished a screenplay about this dimensional tunnel called, BEYOND THE BEYOND NDE. As I wrote the last scene, I […]

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