As amazing developments and changing awareness opens up to us “in this day and age only partly due to scientific development. We begin to understand that we are just not on top of things”. It becomes clear that maybe with all the information, data and knowledge being thrown at us we need to organize something a little more. Old ways of doing things are changing everywhere and just don’t work the same way any more. With cars that don’t need drivers and will soon fly how can we cope with rapidly increasing demands on our time and ability to learn sometimes complex issues in a practical way?

If we, at times, feel a little overwhelmed what can we do to feel easier about how fast the world seems to be turning? Most of us use such a small part of our brain, far less that the reputed 10%, maybe, just maybe accessing more of our awareness would benefit us. Younger people have a little easier time because they don’t have as much to unlearn.

Down thru history we can see that change is always occurring. For most of our lives we had more time to learn and process new developments. Today that is not quite the case. Technology is moving faster than we can change or reprogram. Even first graders can manage cell phones and computers better than many people in their 60’s.

First of all, there is no easy answer. On the other hand, using more of our mind/brain in better ways would be a great help. But how can we do this? Since 1955 Hypnosis has been accepted by the AMA and the BMA as a valid medical procedure. Now, the truth is Hypnosis cannot make you smarter. It can however help you develop greater awareness and manage more control over your own Mind/Brain. I believe that with the increasing complexity of the world we live in: programmed sleep using hypnosis willhelp develop the self hypnosis skills which benefits us in everything. Taking it to the spiritual development stage can be a natural result of these Programs. Dream doors for better use of our subconscious awareness are the key to many wonderful experiences. This would allow us to manage energy consuming habits and learn to deal with learning issues better and faster. For instance, smoking and weight loss. The amount of energy wasted here is overwhelming. Learning how to reprogram these issues in our minds would enable us to do that with most other learning processes too. It would open up our awareness to things we can’t even imagine. For this reason I am now working on three important scripts.


These are initial scripts and recordings that will later have advance scripts to help with the Self-Hypnosis Learning Process. The Scripts are almost completed and may be used individually or to accompany a downloaded script. Many people will want to consider using them together. Using both is a process of multi-sensory perception. Using different sensory functions (Eyes. Ears) abilities are multiplied for learning development and retention. The whole project is a learning system.

I would like to open the opportunity for anyone considering these issues personally to email, or call me for a very brief call at no charge in regard to the scripts.

These calls and emails should be about these only:





How the scripts will deal with these issues ONLY.

I am working to make this available as soon as possible. The Scripts will be available by August 16th and the recordings for download soon after. It is always my recommendation to start with the scripts as visual graphics are included, starting the hypnosis download is about audio senses (so you know what you are doing!). Big subjects need to be handled dynamically.

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