Channeling Sessions & Classes

Channeling is an interesting area of Parapsychology. It has existed throughout all ages, all cultures, and is a natural phenomenon, though sometimes mystifying experience. Spirit works through us this way at times. A person who doesn’t think of themselves as intuitive may say something really unexpected, not understanding why, this something is knowing or dramatic. Channeling is information, usually spoken, which reveals some information unlikely to be known by ordinary means.

When I am speaking about “channeling”, generally I mean placing a trained person in hypnosis, calling Spirit to step forward, to speak through the channeler. I do teach and train channelers. I work as the facilitator, where I am conscious, although in a light shamanic state, but totally aware. In this altered state, I see what my channeler sees, ask questions, take notes, and can sometimes manage a group of people. I need a personally trained channeler to do this, so I don’t offer Channeling Sessions,  I do offer Channeling Training Classes.

Experiences in this form will sometimes be recounted in my blog. While I will be using this information carefully, as much of it is confidential.  I need to say that I have spent years speaking with those who have passed on, or with Spirits sent to aid me. In this way I can bring to light important information about the current issues and problems, including the process of death and dying, time, reality and more.  A great deal of my learning experience has been in these channeling sessions.

There are many people who say they “channel”, information which is spoken through them. While not everyone who says they are channeling actually is channeling, they usually believe they are, so people need to use discretion in this area.


Are you interested in learning to Channel?

I hold scheduled Channeling Seminars, in person. These classes can be life changing experiences.  Please call to schedule, if you are interested.  It is best to work with two or four people at a time.  A partner will make it much easier to learn the “hands on” material.  If you do not have someone to work with you, I do put these classes together with people who haven’t met previously.