Format Your Own Decree Now!

Client Follow-Up

Clients can change the direction and effectiveness of their lives by using a Decree technique that I personally use.  Recent clients can get help on the set up of their decree system by using one of their follow up questions to make sure personal decrees are formatted correctly.

Through the Magnetic Power

of the Sacred Fire Vested In me,

I Decree!   I Decree!   I Decree!   And Charge!

Angels Cherubim Seraphim All Help with this Command!

Thank You GOD!

Samples of what you might use for your personal Decrees are:

  • LOVE — I now have a wonderful love in my life. Someone who cares why I laugh and why I cry. Someone I feel the same about.
  • CAREER — I now have a wonderful and perfect job/career. I AM successful in work I enjoy daily. I enjoy the people I work with, my earnings are excellent.