It is interesting to imagine why GOD gave humans the ability to sleep to restore their energy and gave us dreams to access our higher mind or even a higher power so easily in dreams. Yet in today’s busy, even hectic world many of us are unable to understand the usefulness of their dreams. Most psychiatrist’s, psychologists, doctors and counselors of all types look immediately at the workings of the subconscious mind from their patients and clients dreams. Ancient and aboriginal cultures have paid great emphasis on dreams. Even the Bible has many references to dreams.

The brain/mind doesn’t stop working when we sleep. Our heart still beats, our hair still grows. Our subconscious is still functioning actively even without conscious awareness. It does appear that this subconscious awareness is a huge part of our existence and tries hard to improve or balance our daily lives. Regardless of the question of individual conscious ability or the collective conscious in general there is a belief in the “other side” or a type of Heaven known in different cultures.

Here an important issue comes to the surface. There seems to be a dimensional opportunity for many, many people over the history of the world. Our dreams can sometime enable those very Loved Ones to visit us in dreams or send helpful information through the dreams of others. This is known or maybe just believed as one reason why so many people go to see a medium. The connection between our minds and in some ways the mind of GOD has proven to be quite real.

I believe two things:

  • GOD doesn’t break His own rules.

  • If something happens just once it can be done.

For information or validation allow me to offer the Holy Bible and Holy Scriptures. There is reference after reference in both of these Holy books to dreams and visions. What is a vision? I believe it is like a dream when one is awake. So Jesus, Mother Mary, Joseph, Daniel, Jacob, and many other Biblical characters have both of these experiences repeatedly throughout both books.

To me this explains many things that now happen in our modern world. Take, for example the oft repeated phrase: he/she is “in a better place”. How do we know this or feel this? Yet we feel comforted when we express this idea. Do we know something that we might not be consciously be aware of knowing. And if so how?

Considering the importance of subconscious and dream awareness, let me tell you about a nightmare I had last week. It is still vivid in my mind.

I dreampt I beat somebody to death with a big club, over and over,

then I carried their remains to a place with very nasty water

and put them into the water for carnivorous creatures to eat them.

I am a skilled dream analyst so my interpretation of this nightmare is this, which I feel is accurate: I have been struggling with some challenging issues recently. In this dream I am everything. I am me, I am the victim, the club, the nasty water and the carnivorous sea creatures. In dreams death is usually seen as an ending so healing or help can begin and water usually means change of consciousness. The meaning of this dream here is not important to you. It is about trying to explain how our dreams are meaningful and often helpful. A new awareness begins to develop when we make an effort to access the whole mind/brain.

In this case my subconscious was probably tired of telling me nicely and used violent graphic dream images to tell me I was succeeding with a difficult problem but letting me know I was going to accomplish a good resolution.

There are many things you can personally do to improve to your own higher conscious awareness. To begin:

  • Develop a conscious openness at bedtime. Leave as much of the world behind as possible when you wash, change and brush your teeth

    • Often this can mean a simple prayer like we used to say when we were children.

  • Ask for an answer to a specific problem or a question of our higher mind.

    • Tell ourselves we will know the answer when we awaken or soon.

    • Put a pencil and paper or recording device the by the bed.

      Just a few quick words on awakening will open a few rusty doors easily.

  • An appointment or a session can help begin a new level of awareness.

  • Acquire one of my scripts on Dreams or a Dream Programming CD. This can and often is a great help.

It has been said “Know thyself!”, isn’t this where both the problem and the solution reside? Usually one experiences a more enjoyable life with a clearer head.

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