Our Loved Ones Grief Process

Sometimes, however, people think a psychic should know everything. None of us knows everything, and though it seems important to people to know how and why their Loved Ones passed over, that is never the way the issue is dealt on the “Other Side”, by Spirit or our lost family member. My experience shows me that no one dies without their own permission, regardless of the manner of their death. No one loses years of what would have been a meaningful life, we all die in “our time.”

It is important to help people feel their Loved Ones are safe, and continue to exist as our loved ones, they are near and often with us..  To understand that death is nothing to fear, the Light/Heaven is a beautiful place, our family members are in the Spirit World, surrounded by the light and music.  Messages are often communicated, so hypnosis is sometimes a spirit communication. A subject in a state of hypnosis sometimes can “see”, sense or talk to those who have passed.  There is never a guarantee, but this happens “at times”. . Invariably I find that it is these Crossed Over family members who actually bring their family members to visit me. A Spiritualist, is someone who can bring messages through which I can often do. A spiritual hypnotherapist can often help one get their own messages. All issues of grief, even pet grief, are important to process gently and with help.

Copies of pictures are gladly received and put on my prayer list weekly.