Angels ~ Minister’s Weekly Meeting

900 Million Angels Sent to Help the World

As a Minister, I set aside a weekly meeting time online, Arizona Mountain Time (MST) from Sundays, 8 AM to 9 AM, to send Angels of Peace and Hope to the World. I ask anyone to join me in sending millions of Angels to the world trouble spots, world issues and those in trouble, pain and need.


Dear Beloved Father, This day send Angels to …….

We are asking for Honesty, Decent Words and Behavior.

90 Million Angels to Each ~ The United States ~ The White House ~ Congress ~ All Major US Cities ~ All Energy Producing and Distributing Business’s ~ All Transportation/Manufacturing Business’s ~ All Medical, Pharmaceutical and Insurance Companies ~ All Agriculture Business’s to preserve purity in products and seeds. Iraq ~ Iran ~ Afghanistan ~ North Korea ~ Pakistan ~ Syria ~ Darfur ~ Tibet ~ ALL Political Leaders in Power ~ ALL Religious Leaders ~ The Poor & Hungry ~ The Angry!~ Japan ~ Indonesia ~ All Island Nations

900 Million Angels to All Souls Transitioning ~ To Africa ~ To China ~ This Planet ~ The Oceans and all life contained therein.

973 Angels to Each to ~ Family Members ~ Friends ~ Clients ~ To each person I know to be in need or pain today ~ Someone you know

Send Angels Now!

Blessings to You, in the Name of Our Beloved All Knowing One, However We Know Him or Call His Beloved Name

Thank You God!

*Reverend Darlynn Bowman PhD/MscD CMHt is a member of THE INTERNATIONAL METAPHYSICAL MINISTRY/University of Metaphysics.