Spiritual Hypnosis

Hypnosis itself can be a wonderful experience, often allowing people to access Past Lives, talk to Loved Ones or see their own Angels. Of course, experiences can never be guaranteed, ultimately it is the client whose subconscious mind (brain state) which chooses their experience. However, many benefits can be accomplished without actually going into a hypnotic state. Clients can learn how to communicate with their Angels and Spirit Guides and sometimes family. Hypnosis can be the threshold to the unseen world around us. It can enable us to see dimensions which exist openly around us, but are unaccessible to us because of our brain state. Sometimes this awareness is opened to us in dreams.

Hypnotherapy can often help a client begin healing difficult experiences and traumas. Past Live Regression is valuable for understanding our life’s patterns, intricacies and lessons. For many of us, understanding our life is like trying to put together a 1000 piece puzzle, with only 250 pieces available. Accessing one’s Higher Conscious Mind enables one to make important changes, understand many of our challenges and clear or re-pattern difficult karmic issues.

We are all in our chosen workshop, it’s a good idea to find out what we are trying to accomplish.

I have a Past Life Regression Chart which will enable each person to begin documenting and validating previous life experiences. This chart can be used as a permanent record throughout ones life.

*It is important to know that Past Life information can be accomplished with and without hypnosis.