By Phone & Online ~ All Are Welcome!

Working over the phone for many psychics and mediums enables us to work effectively and efficiently using phones and computers. Scientists now understand what metaphysicians have known for centuries:


There is No Time ~ There is No Space

These are just constructs to help us function in this third-dimensional reality.

For myself, having spent many years working on the phone, it is easy, and sometimes preferred. Much of my work is done this way, so a phone call from someone in Japan is as much a part of my day as a visit from someone from Phoenix, New York or New Zealand.  Actually, when I speak with someone on the phone, I can see their aura and their loved ones, angels and guides.  For many years I worked 7-8 hours a day on the phone daily.

Phone work enables me to keep in contact with the many wonderful clients who come to see me, and who wish to continue their spiritual connection.

In addition, the reverse is often true, so clients I work with initially on the phone, come to Sedona from all over the world.

All are welcome, whoever you are, whatever your needs or question, I hope you will give me an opportunity to work with and know you, and hopefully help you.