I have always been a psychic. My great grandmother Olive Cross Wiley was a medium so I guess it’s in my DNA. Having ability in this area I realized at an early age that hypnosis would be a great complement to this kind of awareness. 

After I finished Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy training classes with The American Academy Of Hypnosis, I added hypnosis to my Daybreak/Spiritual Hypnosis business. The opportunity to include this in a meaningful way came quite quickly. I had an appointment scheduled with a lady who was on vacation and had traveled to California. At that time I was in Arizona and I was on the agenda for their heading home schedule. Her husband called and canceled her appointment because she had a bad toothache and wanted to get back to her dentist. He explained that she had some difficulties with stress because of her job and she had developed a habit of grinding her teeth in her sleep. I suggested that after returning home she might benefit from some hypnosis. He was interested and told me he would discuss it with her. About two weeks later I had a call from her. After listening to her issues I suggested I write a personalized script “just for her”. She would approve the script and I would record it for her subliminally (she would only hear the music recorded over the script). She agreed and I wrote the script and sent her the recording immediately. In about a month she wanted another script, there were three altogether. These recordings changed her life, she went into business for herself and the last time I talked to her husband she was traveling to Europe with a group of clients and very successful. It seems these three recording changed her life. No more teeth grinding or pleasing an impossible boss.

After that I did recording personalized hypnosis scripts often and it became an important part of my business. Then one day a lady came for a regular appointment. During her visit she told me about her 5 year old daughter who experienced “night terrors” almost every night. Being also a medium I could understand what she was dealing with and felt a need to help. I had a Releasement script that worked very well. I suggested to her that we try the script with her daughter, and that we would have to consider several sessions. She agreed and brought her daughter to see me the next week. Because I was working with a five year old I started very simply. She sat across the room playing with toys while her mother and I did the script including her as much as possible.

Her mother called me a few days later and said she was seeing some improvement and set a second appointment. In the second appointment we had the little girl set on her mothers lap while her mother and I did the script including her as much as possible. When her mother called in a few days, she told me there was great deal of improvement and we set a third appointment. This time she sat on my lap and we went through the script together. Her mother called me the next week and reported amazingly no more night terrors. We did do some work with follow up but mainly the script had worked and this little girl had a way to look forward to a life without nightmares and night terrors. 

Yes, they were believers, but so was I. This became a valuable part of my work and remains important to me to work with even now. With new technology this kind of script will be available for downloading from my website within the next few weeks. More personalized scripts can be handled with individual sessions.

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