Angels, Guides, Auras, Attachments

We all have Angels!

It is wonderful to have someone explain Aangels and tell one how to communicate with our Angels, this is an immeasurable aid in this complicated world.

We are not alone, we have never been alone, we will never be alone.

An aura is a part of each living beings existence.  It exists outside ones physical body, our aura contains our life’s energy and information, past life and future information. Auras have been photographed and electronically measured since 1939 with the advent of Kirlian photography.  With electronic imaging we have been able to understand some of the reality and functioning of auras.  Ghosts sometimes continue to emit a low vibrational auric density, this is why we can see them, even photograph them at times. Recently certain equipment has been able to record information on the continuing aura of those who have died.  Information on each persons, dynamic energy, especially in the area of health or lack of it, are readable through our aura to most psychics. Most people can easily learn to “see” auras. Reading and clearing auras, however, is decidedly more complicated

Upon meeting a person, I access auric information of their personal unseen reality and sub space activity. Seeing probable future events, Loved Ones, Angels, Guides, even Fairies, Totems, many types of spirits, even attachments.

Should a person be experiencing depression and lack or reasonable functionality entity attachments may be present. These attachments can usually be “taken to the Light” with Angelic help. It is also true that Loved Ones who haven’t gone to the Light for some reason, may be residing in a family members energy field, and can be easily rescued.

Attachments can have influence over their hosts as they bring a body blueprint with them. It is important to know that the issues of these attachments (hitch hikers) deaths, can often create physical problems for a host. One thing that causes hosts and hitch hikers to develop an energetic relationship is addictions. Smokers attract smokers, drinkers attract drinkers, so if you have any addictive behavior patterns, you probably have entities who are exploiting you and your auric energy. The following are things to look for especially after a hospital stay:

  • Lack of energy
  • Not thinking well or being able to concentrate
  • Lots of little accidents
  • Unpleasant and fearful dreams
  • Weight gain
  • Thoughts of suicide or thinking that your life is not worth living,
  • Unexplainable physical issues, for which your doctor can’t find a cause

There are many other signs. Call me or someone who does Spirit Releasement for help. Dr Edith Fiore’s book, THE UNQUIET DEAD, explains a great deal about this condition.

In my channeling sessions, I have a trained channeler I put in a light hypnotic state and call Spirit beings to come forwand, to speak to me  (through my channeler), answer questions and help me do the work I am directed to do.  I understand the number of Angels in Heaven is limitless, so frequently I send large numbers of Angels to very troubled places, conflicted Heads of state, Hydra-Terra herself, loved ones, friends and clients.

I work with a basic list and add other people and situations as needed.  Usually this works out to about 11 trillion Angels a week, sometimes more.  Frankly I need help with this lovely chore, as this is a very big world and a troubled time.  People often ask me how I do this or how I send Angels.  This is a simple process so I would like to share it with all of you.

Using my wonderful rattle to get Spirits second attention, (I know they already know what I’m doing), but being an Aries 22, I often like to make things big and dramatic.

Shaking my rattle and addressing GOD,
Spirit or the wonderful Spiritual beingss who help me daily.

Angels of Hope and Peace

Beloved ONE ….Today I ask you to send Angels of Hope & Peace to
Amount of Angels
90 Million Angels
To Each & All

The United States~The White House~Congress

Asking for Honesty and Decency in All Efforts &
To All Major Cities~To All Us Troops in Harms Way

900 Million
For Peace & Stability
Iraq~Iran~North Korea-Africa~Pakistan

For a World Consciousness of Decent and

Moral Behavior Towards All Members of the Human Race

90 Million Angels Each
All Island Nations ~ All Religious Leaders
All Political Leaders~All Developing
Trouble Spots of the World ~ & Japan

90 Billion Angels to
Our Beloved Planet Hydra-Terra
For a Balanced Beautiful Planet

Let Us …
Her Inhabitants Honor & Protect Her Daily

90 Million Angels
All Energy & Transportation Businesses
Oil~Gas~Power~Nuclear~Autos ~Planes ~Ships
Every Manager & All Employees
Truth~Honesty Fair Attitudes
> A Green World

90 Million Angels Each
To the Poor & Hungry
The Disadvantaged~Oppressed
& To Those Ready to Transition & Their Families

36,000 Angels Each
All My Family & Loved Ones
36,000 Angels Each
All My Friends & Co-Workers

36,000 Angels Each
To Someone I Know in Need, or in Trouble ______

36,000 Angels Each


36,000 Angels Each

36,000 Angels Each

36,000 Angels Each

36,000 Angels Each

Fill in the blanks personally.

More to Come!