Psychics and spiritual counselors are often very talented and diverse in their skills. This site lists my work experience as a spiritual psychic. I have included a short descriptive page on much of my experience. With the number of movies and television shows which have a spiritual or New Age theme today, many people are becoming more aware and more questioning. Visitors come to Sedona or call me with many questions, personal and spiritual, and sometimes these are grief issues where they just need more understanding about their loss. Our lives are constantly enriched and this process, questions that used to just cross peoples minds, now have a stronger and more meaningful focus. Many want to know:

  • Have I lived before?
  • What is my life purpose?
  • Have I known my spouse before?
  • What really happens when I die?
  • Are my loved ones okay and safe?

Information or awareness in these areas does enrich our lives.  We all want to know the unknown, and see the Spirits of our loved ones, Angels and helpers.

Psychics, mediums, clairvoyants, intuitives and channelers, usually spend years and even lifetimes, studying and walking between worlds to stand at the threshold of the mysterious veil. Since Time and Space are not actually issues to the metaphysical teacher, many are able to experience the help and guidance not only in person but by using the phone, Skype or email. There is no reason today to ask these questions in vain. Dr. Darlynn Bowman provides aura cleaning, over the phone, and online.  You may also which to attend a channeling seminar, or another seminar Dr. Bowman offers.