The Life You Were Meant To Live?

Hypnosis is an ancient art and practical skill, which can easily help with many
personal behavior issues and habits. Releasing or modifying areas of desired change
without a lot of money, time and complications. Today’s world allows us to use
hypnotherapy in a scientific, even medical, way with professional hypnotherapists, who are
healers, yet mostly helpers. Who can easily facilitate these changes with your personal
improvement goals, destructive habits, and even addictions which you seem to be unable to
accomplish on you own. This includes health issues. Perhaps somewhere in the deepest
crevices of your mind/brain there is a fascination with death. Having taught Subliminal
Seduction in a Kentucky school system I am aware that death is actually more fascinating
to most people than sex. This is easily understood when one looks at how many people
enjoy being scared silly in movies, fair rides, Halloween, haunted houses, and extreme
sports. This fascination with death/life is two aspects of one experience. It is important to
actually understand when this issue started and why you may want to deal with any of these
issues now. Often Hypnotherapy is the easiest most effective way possible to deal with
challenging issues of this nature.

At the moment of your conception you were created in perfection. Like a beautiful
burning candle you were given a life and an expiration date In a way we are like candles
and compared to them frequently. Some candles burn brightly giving light in the darkness
others are like a candles in the wind. Candles symbolize many life experiences as well as
life itself:
• birth
• beginnings
• ceremonies
• romance
• death
• time passing
• and life itself

Those who struggle endlessly with difficult issues often waste much of their lives
trapped in habits and addictions. This possibly can be like a subconscious dance with
death. Every addict sees warning after warning about the dangers they are creating for
themselves yet waits till tomorrow to stop, and then Monday, then another Monday or
tomorrow. Because subconsciously it feels easier to continue than to stop or choose health
than life. It becomes a dance avoiding the choice today of life or even death at times.
Hypnosis is about helping you to face a choice and supporting you in a positive choice.
Serious opportunities exist:
• programmed sleep with spiritual hypnosis
• self-talk
• neuro linguistic programming (using meaningful imagery).

These process are used by many people in today’s world.
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