Any discussion about dreams can be long and complicated. Dreams themselves are not long and actually not complicated. Dreams are guides and short illustrations of something that is important for each of us individually. Why would GOD, when he designed our world and our bodies, create anything that would waste such a serious part of our daily existence on something meaningless?

In many primitive cultures dreams are given attention and priority. There is no simple book or source that will explain a dream to us because dreams are the most individual and personal experiences in our lives. Dreams never mislead us, they are the most honest and mysterious experiences of our daily lives. The key word here is honest. Finding out who we are, what we need and how to be happy and healthy are usually the meaning of our dreams. Yet most of us don’t pay enough attention to them to bother to remember them. Pain on the other hand screams at us until we pay attention, sooner or later we have to address and deal with pain, yet our meaningful dreams float away with the dawn and are lost in a busy haze of emotions, work an often many difficult issues.

Dreams are featured heavily in the Bible because they are the connectors to our spiritual life. Wise men, prophets, artists, inventors, writers or creators of any experience are tuned in to this mysterious aspects of life and personality. We are missing so much wisdom and direction, again daily, which is needed in this hectic and sometimes overwhelming life.

To know oneself is the beginning of happiness and contentment.

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